Recalling Renaissance Cabinets of Curiosities ("Kunstkabinett"), the term Kabinett also originally referred to a wine of superior quality, set aside for later sale. Drawing from these references for his new gallery, Gabriel Boyers will deal in both the primary and secondary art markets, selling works by the masters of the past as well as contemporary works by mature contemporary artists he considers to be new masters.

Creating programming that challenges contemporary culture and pushes new aesthetic visions, KABINETT strives to generate a fertile dialogue between contemporary works of all types and the artistic visions of earlier periods.  KABINETT is devoted to exhibiting original, profound and important works of art and to out seeking artists who embrace a rich, diverse, multi-cultural or world perspective to their work, whose seriousness of mission is matched by their mastery of form and craft, making art that moves and transforms us.  In an effort to create a cohesive art historical and commercial context for the contemporary artists exhibiting at KABINETT, the gallery varies its exhibitions between curated "From the Kabinett" shows addressing earlier and thematic art movements, and single-artist and group shows of new works by contemporary artists. 

In 2006, Owner and Director Gabriel Boyers founded Schubertiade Music & Arts, and has grown to be one of the country’s most widely recognized and respected dealers of rare books and manuscripts, while also dealing in artworks of various mediums.