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Ilua Hauck da Silva

Ilua Hauck da Silva


Palpitations (2017)

Glass and vintage saucers, freeze and fuse technique. Limited edition of 20. 6 x 4.8 cm, saucers vary in size. 

‘Palpitations’ is a series of meticulously made glass hearts, which are beautifully nested in carefully chosen vintage saucers ranging from the 1890s to the 1980s - thus combining two of the artist’s greatest passions: art making, and antique collecting. It seems plausible to argue that love is the ultimate ‘killer and thriller’. Potentially exhilarating or devastating, love offers the possibility of both the highest highs and lowest lows: the thrills of butterflies in the stomach or the tragedies of heartbreak. The chief signifier of love is the heart. Hearts full of love miss a beat, throb, ache, and  pulsate whether in bliss or in grief.  ‘Palpitations’ reminds us of the uplifting and endearing aspects of love, as the display of hearts in fine antique saucers creates a precious and heart-warming visual effect.

The hearts are have been issued in four groups of five variously colored examples: Red, the classical meaning of the heart – love; Blue connotes royal, blue blood; Purple, made with a type of glass which contains both lead and gold, reminisce the impossible  alchemical quest of turning lead into gold; Green – this heart was fired with the intention of raising awareness about the recent threat posed to the Amazon Forest, so it is called the ‘Amazon Heart’.

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